Developing Explosive Power in MMA

Developing Explosive Power in MMA

Explosive Power

Developing Explosive Power in MMA doesn’t have to be confusing with the Neural Isometric Program

Developing explosive power in Martial arts can be an important thing. We have all seen someone who doesn’t look very strong. But yet can hit very hard. In martial arts it’s about how well you can accelerate into your punch. Not necessarily how much you can bench press.  Since the bench press doesn’t move or fight back.

I stumbled upon the Neural Isometric Power website. It was a great resource on how I could develop my power in martial arts. Using a specific Negative exercises with weights in an explosive manner. Along with doing Isometric exercises based on the anatomical function of the muscle.

I really felt a difference in the amount of snap in my punches and kicks. Moreover I could finally do that Bruce Lee once inch punch thing. Where I could generate allot of punching power in close ranges. I particularly noticed this when my opponents would get me in a clinch. I would have a little surprise for them when I would get in close.

The best thing about this website is the information is all there for free. It has videos and articles detailing the exercises. Apparently it’s built from the theories of Mike Mentzer and his high intensity training. Kinda more of a modernized version of the program. Applying it to athletics instead of just bodybuilding.

Check it out the Neural Isometric Program Website.  I think most MMA athletes will enjoy great results.  You can see the Neural Isometric Program at



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