Boxing Training with an App

Boxing Training with an App

Boxing Training App

Boxing Training App Screenshot

Boxing is a great way to stay in shape.  Usually Boxers have a method of keeping their fitness by shadow boxing.  Shadow boxing is an exercise where you perform boxing movements in the air.  This helps to simulate what it’s like to be in front of an opponent.

However the problem with Shadowboxing it can be particularly boring.  Also if you are not very advanced in boxing, you may not know what combos to string together.  That’s where the Boxing Combos app for Google Android can help you.  It is an app that act as a virtual boxing trainer.  Calling out Boxing Comboinations randomly from your phone.  So it helps to train your reflexes by performing boxing combos on cue.

The great thing about this app is that it is FREE.  You can get a paid premium version which gives you more features.  Such as being able to control the pace of the combos.  Along with having more moves that includes kickboxing techniques.  So it’s a great tool if you are an intermediate boxer wanting to advance your skills.

Check it out you got nothing to lose!




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